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6th Grade Science

6th Grade Science

6th Grade


Course Description:

Grade 6 builds on the foundational skills learned in the primary science curriculum, while focusing on the study of Earth Sciences. Students study plate tectonics and the Earth’s structure, the shaping of the Earth’s surface, thermal energy, energy in the Earth system, ecology, and natural resources. Students expand on the scientific process by developing a hypothesis, selecting appropriate tools and technology to perform tests and collect data, constructing appropriate graphs, recognizing whether evidence is consistent with their hypothesis, and communicating the steps and results from an investigation in written reports and oral presentations.

Semester 1

Module: Earth’s Water and Atmosphere
Unit 1: Circulation of Earth’s Air and Water
Unit 2: Weather and Climate

Module: Geologic Processes and History
Unit 1: The Dynamic Earth
Unit 2: Earth through Time

Semester 2

Note: if the following section is blank the course is 1 semester long

Module: Earth and Human Activity
Unit 1: Earth’s Natural Hazards
Unit 2: Resources in Earth Systems
Unit 3: Using Resources
Unit 4: Human Impacts on Earth Systems

Module: Space Science
Unit 1: Patterns in the Solar System
Unit 2: The Solar System and Universe

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