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7th Grade Language Arts

7th Grade Language Arts

7th Grade

English Language Arts

Course Description:

In seventh grade English/Language Arts, students continue to focus on word analysis, fluency, and systematic vocabulary development. They read a wide variety of informational and literary texts, with specific emphasis on historically and culturally significant works that enhance their interdisciplinary understanding of history and social science. They continue to progress through the writing process to produce clear, coherent essays true to audience and purpose. Students will write across a multitude of genres while demonstrating a command of standard American English, as well as research, organizational, and drafting strategies.

Semester 1

Unit 1: Reality Check
Texts from Lena Coakley, W.B. Yeats, Edgar Allen Poe, Walter Dean Meyers

Unit 2: Take Control
Texts from David Yoo, Stephen Dobyns, Langston Hughes, Theodore Taylor

Unit 3: The Terror and Wonder of Space
Texts from Ray Bradbury, Meg Thatcher, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, William Stafford

Semester 2

Note: if the following section is blank the course is 1 semester long

Unit 4: Inspired by Nature
Texts from Eddy Harris, Naomi Shihab Nye, Paul Fleischman, Pablo Neruda

Unit 5: Game On!
Texts from Joseph Bruchac, Lori Calabrese, Kwame Alexander, Aaron Miller

Unit 6: Change Agents
Texts from Walter Dean Meyers, Judy Jackson, David Brooks, Mary Jean Auch

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