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7th Grade Science

7th Grade Science

7th Grade

Social Studies

Course Description:

Grade 7 focuses on Life Sciences and introduces the study of cell biology, genetics, evolution, Earth and life history, structure and function in living systems, and physical principles in living systems. Students use a variety of print and electronic resources to collect information and evidence as part of a research project; communicate the logical connection among hypotheses, science concepts, tests conducted, data collected, and conclusions drawn from scientific evidence; and construct scale models, maps, and appropriately labeled diagrams to communicate scientific knowledge.

Semester 1

Module: Engineering and Science
Unit 1: Introduction to Engineering and Science
Unit 2: The Practices of Engineering

Module: Cells and Heredity
Unit 1: Cells
Unit 2: Organisms as Systems
Unit 3: Reproduction, Heredity, and Growth

Semester 2

Note: if the following section is blank the course is 1 semester long

Module: Ecology and the Environment
Unit 1: Matter and Energy in Living Systems
Unit 2: Relationships in Ecosystems
Unit 3: Ecosystem Dynamics

Module: Diversity of Living Things
Unit 1: The History of Life on Earth
Unit 2: Evolution
Unit 3: Human Influence on Inheritance

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