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8th Grade Science

8th Grade Science

8th Grade


Course Description:

Grade 8 centers on Physical Sciences and focuses on the study of motion, forces, structure of matter, Earth in the solar system, reactions, the chemistry of living systems, the periodic table, and density and buoyancy. Students continue their investigation of the scientific process as they plan and conduct a scientific investigation to test a hypothesis; evaluate the accuracy and reproducibility of data; distinguish between variable and controlled parameters in a test; construct appropriate graphs from data and develop quantitative statements about the relationships between variables; apply simple mathematical relationships to determine a missing quantity in a mathematical expression; and distinguish between linear and nonlinear relationships on a graph of data.

Semester 1

Module: Energy and Energy Transfer
Unit 1: Energy
Unit 2: Energy Transfer
Module: Chemistry
Unit 1: The Structure of Matter
Unit 2: States of Matter and Changes of State
Unit 3: Chemical Processes and Equations
Unit 4: The Chemistry of Materials

Semester 2

Note: if the following section is blank the course is 1 semester long

Module: Forces, Motion, and Fields
Unit 1: Forces and Motion
Unit 2: Electric and Magnetic Forces
Module: Waves and their Application
Unit 1: Waves
Unit 2: Information Transfer

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