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African and African American Studies

African and African American Studies

High School

Social Studies

Course Description:

An elective course that examines the history and culture of Africa and the African-American experience in an interdisciplinary format, including an analysis of the unique historical, cultural, and social developments from the Middle Passage to the present day. The course will address the literary and artistic contributions of African-Americans to American culture. Critical thinking, reading, writing, and oral presentation skills are emphasized.

Semester 1

African Kingdoms and Atlantic Slave Trade
Topic 1: Africa
Topic 2: Slave Trade
Topic 3: New World

Slavery in United States (1776-1865)
Topic 1: Economics of Slavery
Topic 2: Slave and Black Culture
Topic 3: Resistance to Slavery
Topic 4: Politics of Slavery

Civil War and Reconstruction
Topic 1: Division
Topic 2: Civil War
Topic 3: Reconstruction

Semester 2

Note: if the following section is blank the course is 1 semester long

Successes and Struggles in a Post-Slavery Society
Topic 1: Imperialism and Africa
Topic 2: Politics of Segregation
Topic 3: Views on African-American Rights
Topic 4: Demographic Trends
Topic 5: Black Culture

Fighting for Civil Rights (WWII- 1975)
Topic 1: WWII
Topic 2: Civil Rights

Contemporary Issues in Black America and Africa
Topic 1: Modern Black Politics
Topic 2: Culture and Expression
Topic 3: Modern Africa

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