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Algebra 1

Algebra 1

High School


Course Description:

The fundamental purpose of the Algebra I course is to formalize and extend the mathematics that students learned in the middle grades. Students will analyze and explain the process of solving an equation, justify the process used in solving a system of equations, and develop fluency in writing, interpreting, and translating among various forms of linear equations and inequalities. Students will learn function notation and develop the concepts of domain and range; focus on linear, quadratic, and exponential functions, including sequences; and also explore absolute value, step, and piecewise-defined functions. Lastly, students will strengthen their ability to see structure in and create quadratic and exponential expressions by extending the laws of exponents to rational exponents involving square and cube roots.

Semester 1

From HMH Into Algebra 1
UNIT 1: Real Numbers and Connections to Algebra
Module 1: Real Numbers and Real-World Quantities
Module 2: Linear Equations and Inequalities in One Variable

UNIT 2: Linear Equations in Two Variables
Module 3: Linear Equations in Two Variables
Module 4: Linear Functions and Models
Module 5: Relationships Among Linear Functions

UNIT 3: Build Linear Functions and Models
Module 6: Fit Linear Functions to Data
Module 7: Discrete Linear Functions
Module 8: Piecewise-Defined Functions

UNIT 4: Linear Systems
Module 9: Systems of Linear Equations
Module 10: Linear Inequalities

UNIT 5: Functions and Equations
Module 11: Exponential Functions and Models
Module 12: Relationships Among Exponential Functions

Semester 2

Note: if the following section is blank the course is 1 semester long

UNIT 6: Build Exponential Functions and Models
Module 13: Fit Exponential Functions to Data
Module 14: Discrete Exponential Functions

UNIT 7: Polynomial Operations and Models
Module 15: Polynomial Multiplication
Module 16: Polynomial Addition and Subtraction

UNIT 8: Quadratic Functions and Equations
Module 17: Use Graphing and Factoring to Solve Quadratic Equations
Module 18: Use Square Roots to Solve Quadratic Equations

UNIT 9: Functions and Models
Module 19: Build Quadratic Functions and Models
Module 20: Function Analysis

UNIT 10: Data Analysis
Module 21: Categorical Data
Module 22: Numerical Data

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