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Algebra 2

Algebra 2

High School


Course Description:

In Algebra II, students build on their work with linear, quadratic, and exponential functions to include an understanding of logarithmic, polynomial, rational, and radical functions. In this course, students will relate arithmetic of rational expressions to arithmetic of rational numbers; expand understandings of functions and graphing to include trigonometric functions; synthesize and generalize functions and extend understanding of exponential functions to logarithmic functions; and relate data display and summary statistics to probability and explore a variety of data collection methods.

Semester 1

From HMH Into Algebra 2
Unit 1: Functions and Equations
Module 1: Analyzing Functions
Module 2: Solving Quadratic Equations and Systems

Unit 2: Polynomial Functions and Equations
Module 3: Polynomial Functions
Module 4: Function Operations and Polynomials
Module 5: Polynomial Equations

Unit 3: Rational Expressions and Radical Functions
Module 6: Exponents and Radical Operations
Module 7: Radical Functions and Equations

Unit 4: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions and Equations
Module 8: Exponential Functions
Module 9: Logarithmic Functions
Module 10: Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

Semester 2

Note: if the following section is blank the course is 1 semester long

Unit 5: Rational Functions and Equations
Module 11: Rational Functions
Module 12: Rational Expressions and Equations

Unit 6: Sequences and Series
Module 13: Explicit Formulas for Sequences and Series
Module 14: Recursive Formulas for Sequences

Unit 7: Trigonometric Functions and Identities
Module 15: Unit-Circle Definitions of Trigonometric Functions
Module 16: Graph Trigonometric Functions

Unit 8: Probability
Module 17: Probability of Compound Events
Module 18: Probability and Decision Making

Unit 9: Statistics
Module 19: Data Distributions

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