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French IV

French IV

High School

World Languages

Course Description:

Students are able to engage in conversation and comprehend another person’s dialogue without much repetition. Topics go well beyond basic needs and include: personal and family affairs, current events, school, work, etc. Students can comprehend descriptions and narration referring to past, present, or future events. They can comprehend dialogue about special fields of interest and narratives of a non-technical or specialized nature. When listening to material restricted mainly to vocabulary and structures studied in class, their comprehension appears to be on a near native-like level. There is an increased comprehension of in-depth material about special interesttopicsusedinclass.Grammar control includes all but the infrequently used and the most complex forms and word order problems. Students work toward building a larger reading, speaking and listening vocabulary through use of materials representative of the French-speaking culture.

Semester 1

La famille et la communaute
Topic 1: Age and Class
Topic 2: Childhood and Adolescence
Topic 3: Citizenship
Topic 4: Customs and Ceremonies
Topic 5: Family Structures
Topic 6: Friendship and Love

La vie contemporaine
Topic 1: Advertising and Marketing
Topic 2: Education

Semester 2

Note: if the following section is blank the course is 1 semester long

La vie contemporaine
Topic 1: Advertising and Marketing
Topic 2: Education
Topic 3: Holidays and Celebrations
Topic 4: Housing and Shelter
Topic 5: Leisure and Sports
Topic 6: Professions
Topic 7: Rites and Passage
Topic 8: Travel

La Quete de Soi
Topic 1: Alienation and Assimilation
Topic 2: Beliefs and Values
Topic 3: Gender and Sexuality
Topic 4: Language and Identity
Topic 5: Multiculturalism
Topic 6: Nationalism and Patriotism

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