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High School


Course Description:

This is an elective class that presents basic information on the history and present use of psychology. The course includes the behavior of the individual in areas of growth and development, perception, learning, attitudes, motivation, emotions, conflict, personality, abnormal behavior, mental health, and social behavior.

Semester 1

History, Perspectives, and Research Methods
Topic 1: Perspectives in Psychology
Topic 2: Subfields of Psychology
Topic 3: Research Methods
Topic 4: Statistics in Psychology

Social Psychology
Topic 1: Social Cognition
Topic 2: Group Behavior and Influences
Topic 3: Antisocial Behavior
Topic 4: Prosocial Behavior

Topic 1: The Nervous System
Topic 2: The Endocrine System
Topic 3: The Brain
Topic 4: Sensation
Topic 5: Perception

Learning and Memory
Topic 1: Classical Conditioning
Topic 2: Operant Conditioning

Semester 2

Note: if the following section is blank the course is 1 semester long

Learning and Memory (continued)
Topic 3: Observational Learning
Topic 4: Systems Memory
Topic 5: Process of Memory

Development and Cognition
Topic 1: Cognitive Development
Topic 2: Psychosocial Development
Topic 3: Moral Development
Topic 4: Intelligence Theory
Topic 5: Cognitive Process

Personality and Psychoanalysis
Topic 1: Psychoanalysis
Topic 2: Personality Assessment
Topic 3: Motivation
Topic 4: Stress

Abnormal Behavior and Treatment
Topic 1: DSM Categories of Disorders
Topic 2: Therapy/Treatment Techniques

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