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Spanish II

Spanish II

High School

World Languages

Course Description:

Through thematic units, students will expand their skills in speaking, listening, reading, writing and cultural awareness. Students will develop a functional command of words and phrases that deal with immediate needs and common everyday situations or while traveling in limited situations. Students will demonstrate comprehension of simple questions and statements about family, residence, self, weather, time and interests. The content expansion includes the use of familiar words and phrases applicable with common commands, frequent instructions, and courtesy interchanges. Students will be able to recognize and properly use present and past tense grammar structures.

Semester 1

Comprehensive Review of Spanish I

Topic 1: Travel
Topic 2: Ser vs. Estar
Topic 3: Direct Object Pronouns

Clothing and Shopping
Topic 1: Clothing and Shopping
Topic 2: Saber and Conocer
Topic 3: Demonstratives
Topic 4: Regular Preterite
Topic 5: Indirect Object Pronouns

Semester 2

Note: if the following section is blank the course is 1 semester long

Body, Health, Personal Care
Topic 1: Personal Care
Topic 2: Reflexive Verbs
Topic 3: Irregular Preterite I
Topic 4: Indefinite and Negative Words

Food and Parties
Topic 1: Food and Parties
Topic 2: Irregular Preterite II
Topic 3: Double Object Pronouns
Topic 4: Comparatives and Superlatives

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