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High School


Course Description:

Students will demonstrate an understanding and application of the techniques used in formal public speaking including listening skills, speech preparation and research methods. Activities involve preparing speeches to inform, entertain and persuade as well as panel discussions and oral interpretation of literature.

Semester 1

Introduction to Speech
Topic 1: Climate in Class
Topic 2: Background
Topic 3: Elements
Topic 4: Structure

Topic 1: Foundations
Topic 2: Types
Topic 3: Documentation
Topic 5: Nonverbal

Topic 1: Types
Topic 2: Organizational Methods
Topic 3: Demonstration

Semester 2

Note: if the following section is blank the course is 1 semester long

Topic 1: Types
Topic 2: Thinking Methods
Topic 3: Qualities
Topic 4: Theories
Topic 5: Line of Reasoning

Group Communication
Topic 1: Types of Leadership
Topic 2: Functions of Leadership
Topic 3: Argumentation
Topic 4: Analysis

Entertain and Special Occasion
Topic 1: Types
Topic 2: Purpose

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