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High School


Course Description:

A concentration on the analysis of both descriptive and inferential statistics with probability, estimation, averages and variations, distributions, hypothesis testing and correlation emphasized. Students work with activities including probabilities, testing ideas hypothesis, a project over distributions and the accumulation of data. The concepts learned will be used in many college degree programs and career choices.

Semester 1

Unit 1: Exploring Data
Topic 1: Explore Data
Topic 2: Modeling Distributions of Data
Topic 3: Describing Relationships

Unit 2: Sampling and Experimentation
Topic 1: Sampling
Topic 2: Experimenting

Semester 2

Note: if the following section is blank the course is 1 semester long

Unit 3: Anticipating Patterns
Topic 1: Probability
Topic 2: Random Variables
Topic 3: Sampling Distributions

Unit 4: Statistical Inference
Topic 1: Confidence Interval
Topic 2: Significance Tests
Topic 3: Comparing Two Populations

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