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Test Prep for ACT

Test Prep for ACT

High School

Test Prep

Course Description:

ACT stands for American College Testing. It is the most accepted college entrance exam taken in the US. The ACT score is accepted by all colleges and universities. The test covers all knowledge and skills students gain from their high school studies. The ACT score is an important indication to the university of students' academic abilities.

Semester 1

Chapter 1: About the Test
Chapter 2 ACT English: Section Overview
Chapter 3 ACT English: Punctuation
Chapter 4 ACT English: Grammar Usage
Chapter 5 ACT English: Sentence Structure
Chapter 6 ACT English: Production of Writing
Chapter 7 ACT English: Style
Chapter 8 ACT Writing: Overview
Chapter 9 ACT Writing: Essay Skills
Chapter 10 ACT Reading: Overview
Chapter 11 ACT Reading: Question Types
Chapter 12 ACT Reading: Understanding Reading Passages
Chapter 13 ACT Reading: Analyzing Reading Passages
Chapter 14 ACT Reading: Word Meanings and Choice
Chapter 15 ACT Reading: Practice
Chapter 16 ACT Math: Overview
Chapter 17 ACT Math: Number and Quantity
Chapter 18 ACT Math: Pre-Algebra
Chapter 19 ACT Math: Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 20 ACT Math: Radicals
Chapter 21 ACT Math: Linear Equations
Chapter 22 ACT Math: Functions
Chapter 23 ACT Math: Types of Functions

Semester 2

Note: if the following section is blank the course is 1 semester long

Chapter 24 ACT Math: Absolute Value
Chapter 25 ACT Math: Matricies
Chapter 26 ACT Math: Vectors
Chapter 27 ACT Math: Inequalities
Chapter 28 ACT Math: Probability, Combinations, & Factorial
Chapter 29 ACT Math: Data and Statistics
Chapter 30 ACT Math: Exponents
Chapter 31 ACT Math: Polynomials and Quadratics
Chapter 32 ACT Math: Rational Equations and Expressions
Chapter 33 ACT Math: Sequences
Chapter 34 ACT Math: Complex Numbers
Chapter 35 ACT Math: Exponentials and Logarithms
Chapter 36 ACT Math: Coordinate Geometry
Chapter 37 ACT Math: Conic Sections
Chapter 38 ACT Math: Triangles
Chapter 39 ACT Math: Plane Geometry
Chapter 40 ACT Math: Lines and Angles
Chapter 41 ACT Math: Trigonometry
Chapter 42 ACT Science Reasoning: Overview
Chapter 43 ACT Science Reasoning: Fundamentals of Science
Chapter 44 ACT Science Reasoning: Evaluating Models
Chapter 45 Flashcards

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