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Women’s Studies

Women’s Studies

High School

Social Studies

Course Description:

The main focus of this course will be women and their societal advancement through American History. Discussion of the status of women in a more global perspective will occur. Women’s Studies examine the experiences and contributions of diverse groups of women in American society. This course will provide knowledge about the social role of women and their involvement in areas such as health, history, and political activism. The course will also provide knowledge about gender stereotypes and how this affects the learning process.

Semester 1

Women in Early History
Topic 1: Ancient Women (to 1200)
Topic 2: Medieval Women (1200-1800)

Women in Modern World
Topic 1: 20th Century
Topic 2: 21st Century

Semester 2

Note: if the following section is blank the course is 1 semester long

Women in American History
Topic 1: Early America (to 1920s)
Topic 2: Modern America (1920s to today)

Women Today in Society
Topic 1: Careers and Politics
Topic 2: Media, Athletics, and Social Image
Topic 3: Special Women’s Topics

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