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The Compass School Community

Prospective families considering The Compass School can gain a thorough understanding of our educational community by watching videos featuring testimonials from our current parents and teachers. These videos provide valuable insights into the supportive and collaborative atmosphere that defines our school, highlighting the personalized and engaging educational experiences we offer. These testimonial videos serve as an essential resource for families to feel confident and well-informed about the decision to join The Compass School.

Teacher Testimonials

Interested in learning more about our program? Hear directly from our teachers about the educational experiences and opportunities The Compass School offers. These testimonials provide insights into the unique advantages of our virtual schooling environment, as well as the personalized attention and dedication that our educators bring to each student's learning journey. Below are videos from a few of our teachers:

Parent Testimonials

Interested in learning more about our program? Listen to what our parents have to say about their experiences and their decision to enroll their children in our virtual school. These testimonials offer valuable perspectives on the supportive community and high-quality, personalized education that The Compass School provides, helping you make an informed choice for your child's educational journey. Below are testimonials from a few of our parents:


"Our son used to be an average student in school. Since starting classes at The Compass School, our son has become an above average student. Our focus is not so much on academic results but more about the effort that is being put into it all. Our son has become an independent person. He wakes up by himself and makes sure that he attends all his classes. We barely have to remind him of class timings. He was never very interested in school, now however, he shares what he has learned and seems to enjoy school a lot more.

Initially We chose the Compass school because it had the option for one on one education. However, we were extremely pleasantly surprised  by how the school went above and beyond to accommodate our son after the second semester had started.  Our son was an average student and did not have the confidence to speak up in class and ask questions. Having given him the opportunity to be in a one on one environment has greatly improved his self-esteem and the changes we have seen in him, outdid all expectations. Our son is more confident and assertive.

Our son is more interested in learning since starting at The Compass School. His grades have improved by leaps and bounds and we believe that The Compass School has  helped show his academic potential


We definitely recommend the Compass School."

Video Testimonials

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