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Partnerships with Sports Organizations

The Compass School is a virtual K12 school accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges that specializes in delivering synchronous instruction to students worldwide. Committed to enhancing access to high-quality education, we leverage top educational practices and technology from both the United States and abroad to offer premium courses and dedicated support services. Our live, interactive online classrooms, combined with our experienced, credentialed faculty, provide a superior academic environment that optimizes learning outcomes. At The Compass School, we understand the unique needs of student athletes and sports programs, offering a flexible, customizable education model that seamlessly integrates with training schedules. This partnership allows us to extend our virtual learning expertise to athletic institutions, enhancing their educational offerings and supporting the dual pursuits of athletic and academic excellence.

Why Athletic Insitutions Utilize Our Program

Athletic institutions provide a classroom for the education component, while The Compass School provides a turn-key private school solution. The benefits of the program include:


Enhanced Revenue Opportunities

By partnering with The Compass School, sports centers can offer a comprehensive
full-day program, generating additional revenue through extended daily programming that includes both sports
training and academics.


Affordable Private School Option

This partnership provides an affordable alternative to traditional private schooling
by combining costs with sports training, making quality education accessible to more families.


Market to a Broader Student Base

The combined academic and sports program appeals to a wide range of students,
from those seeking high-quality education to those aspiring to college athletics, thereby increasing enrollment


Boosting University Scholarship Prospects

The Compass School enhances student athletes' profiles by combining
rigorous athletic training with a superior academic program. Students will have access to school counselors who will
assist them throughout their high school journey and the college application process, significantly improving their
chances of securing university scholarships as they emerge as well-rounded, academically accomplished candidates.


Fully Customizable Programming

Each Academic Sports Program can be tailored to the specific needs of its students
and the operational demands of the sports center. It offers customizable courses, class sizes, and schedules that balance
academic classes with sports training. Additionally, there is flexibility to adapt extracurricular activities and coursework,
ensuring a program that perfectly fits every participant's needs. See the next page for some examples of


Branded Marketing Materials Development

We create customized marketing materials for each sports center, enhancing their promotional efforts with professionally designed brochures and presentations that effectively showcase the combined academic and athletic programs to prospective parents and students.


Full Utilization of Facilities

Sports institutions can maximize the use of their facilities by hosting academic classes
throughout the day, ensuring a full day of productive use of their space.


Upgrading from Self-Guided Homeschooling to Premium Private Schooling

While many athletic programs rely on
homeschool solutions that are often self- or parent-guided with minimal teacher interaction, The Compass School
offers a significant upgrade. Our program features a high-quality, live, daily academic curriculum led by certified
teachers, providing a more structured and engaging educational experience for student athletes.


Comprehensive Education and Training Offering

Offering a blend of academic courses and sports training provides
students with a well-rounded education and athletic development, making the program more appealing to parents and
students alike.


Socio-Emotional Benefits

The in-person sports center environment, catering to the students’ common interest in sports,
is the ideal complement to virtual schooling, as it fosters social interaction, teamwork, and friendship. This blend
enhances their socio-emotional learning and enriches their overall educational experience, perfectly balancing the
structured academic focus of online classes with the social dynamics of traditional schooling.


Distinctive Competitive Edge for your Center

Offering a high-quality private school option sets your sports center
apart from others by providing a unique blend of elite athletic and academic training. This distinction helps attract
families seeking comprehensive development for their children, creating a significant competitive advantage in the

What our Clients Say

Meghan, High School Principal, Asia Pacific International School

What a gem! The Compass School has provided our school and our students with courses that they would not be able to otherwise access. Not only did they provide a wide variety of classes, but also worked to match our school schedule, design courses to further the passions of our students, and fill in when we had a teacher shortage during a mid-year change. The teachers are excellent and have provided high-quality instruction and tailored their courses to fit the needs of our school and the students enrolled. They are quick with communication and go out of their way to help us find courses and teachers as well as follow up with any questions, concerns, or changes. I would work with The Compass School again in a heartbeat!

Jeff, High School Principal, Tsinghua International School

“As an international school, we have many diverse needs for supplemental classes, and The Compass School was able to customize their courses to our requirements. They were very responsive during the enrollment process and were able to schedule classes shortly after students were referred to them. Their teachers are very well qualified and whether they were using our syllabi or a syllabi provided by The Compass School. The students enjoyed the classes and had great learning outcomes. We have had a very positive experience working with the Compass team and look forward to expanding our courses with The Compass School in the future.”

Elly, Academic Operations Director, Menaul School Qingdao

“Different from any other online course providers, The Compass School can fully customize their courses for your school. Prior to the start of the courses, we communicated many rounds to make sure that the course content, teachers’ qualifications, and timetable were all fitted to our

needs. When receiving our feedback, they always took prompt and effective actions. All of their teachers are highly qualified, experienced, patient, and take differentiated teaching strategies to reach our multi-level and multi-learning-styled students. All our teachers and students benefitted more than we expected!”

Our Courses Are 100% Live

Reputable, accessible, and affordable virtual school for all ages.
Courses are fully customized around each partner's program needs!

Select Partners


Accredited Online Courses

Even the strongest academic institutions can face resource constraints. With The Compass School, districts and schools can maximize scarce resources and bolster their curricular offerings.

The Compass School’s course partners expand their academic offerings and maintain control over the quality of their curriculum cost-effectively.

We offer extensive solutions to schools, including primary, middle, and high school courses, as well as university and continuing education courses, standardized test preparation, IB, Cambridge International and AS/A Level curriculum.

Relationship Facilitation

With more and more schools and universities traveling the world in search of partnerships, competition is fierce in the international education field.

The Compass School leverages relationships across the world to forge connections and partnerships between international institutions and local schools or universities.

The Compass School nurtures relationships by facilitating high-profile visits ranging from teachers, principals, deans, and rectors, to university professors, administrators, and chancellors. Through any visit or relationship we facilitate, schools and universities gain actionable partnerships that will benefit both parties and help students get increased access and exposure to high-quality educational opportunities.

Test Prep

Students around the world spend huge amounts of time outside of the classroom preparing for their standardized tests, often spending inordinate amounts of money for subpar instruction delivered in a language other than that of the exam. The Compass School’s test preparation services allow schools to regain control.

Our test preparation services are delivered by U.S. and U.K. certified teachers with a minimum of a Master’s degree. The Compass School training delivers live, real-time instruction to students. Students receive top-of-the-line instruction, while schools benefit from the ability to provide students with test preparation that yields results and maintains continuity with classroom values and goals.

Recruitment & Enrollment

Today’s international recruitment market is challenging. With more schools and universities entering the market every year, we know that it’s essential for schools to find creative, sustainable ways of diversifying their international student pipelines.

We work with students and institutions in multiple ways and over long periods of time, which makes it possible for us to provide better information to both.

Questions of authenticity, transparency, and reputational risk dominate the national conversation regarding the current agent-based recruitment model. At The Compass School, we work to mitigate those concerns by merging our market expertise with years of experience in international admissions in ways that honor schools’ desires for ethical recruitment.

Our Courses Are 100% Live

Reputable, accessible, and affordable virtual school for all ages.
Courses are fully customized around each partner's program needs!

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