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Virtual Labs

The Compass School incorporates multiple cutting-edge virtual learning applications in our curriculum. In particular, the school stresses its attention on providing students with access to high-quality virtual labs for our science courses. This helps Compass students to explore scientific concepts, apply and test their theoretical knowledge in a variety of subjects such as physics, biology, chemistry, earth science, and more. The virtual labs at Compass use the techniques of gamification and storytelling to make the learning process engaging and immersive. The software used by the school is one of the top solutions widely used in both K12 and higher education, which will familiarize students with effective laboratory experience.

Below are some examples of experiments students perform.

Virtual Lab.jpeg


Absorption in the Small and Large Intestines: Journey from the stomach to the bloodstream

In this simulation, students step into the Anatomy and Physiology lab to discover how essential intestines are in maintaining human life. Investigate what happens if a person's intestines malfunction and learn why eating veggies is very important!


Acids and Bases (Principles): Avoid falling in a lake of acid!

In a futuristic lab, students will get help from a robot assistant to determine the acidity of a lake of acid found on an exoplanet. Learn how to quantify the acidity and alkalinity of substances.

Explore Acids and Bases.jpeg


Antibodies: Why are some blood types incompatible?

Learn about the concepts of antibodies and antigens, as well as the ABO and Rhesus blood grouping systems and their importance in blood transfusions. Then, help a young couple determine a potential risk for Rhesus disease in their unborn child.

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