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Since inception The Compass School has taught students from 4 different continents and 13 different countries!

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About The Compass School

The Compass School is a private school accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). We are committed to improving access to high-quality education for students around the world and have had the privilege of teaching students from 13 different countries across 4 continents.

We utilize leading education pedagogy and technology from the United States and abroad to provide a premium K12 virtual school program and academic services to support our students and their families. We exclusively offer 1-on-1 teacher/student courses that are fully customized around each individual student's learning needs. These 100% live online classes allow us to work closely with our students throughout their K12 education pathway and gives us an opportunity to highlight their true potential and nurture well-rounded, bright, enthusiastic learners. 

Our online classroom has interactive tools the teacher and students can use to simulate a real classroom environment, so it feels like they are working together in-person. This gives students the convenience and flexibility of learning online without sacrificing the experience of in-person learning.

The Compass School offers a wide range of courses including core curriculum, electives, test preparation, and concurrent enrollment undergraduate courses. Unlike most online programs, we offer courses like arts, music, dance, theatre, physical education, in addition to various clubs and extracurricular activities. Our Family Wellness Program curated by the school counselors offers Compass families the support they need on their education journey. 

Every Compass School teacher is a credentialed U.S. teacher; 95% of our faculty have a Master’s Degree or higher. We are one of the few virtual schools that provide synchronous accredited K12 and undergraduate courses.

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