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“Education exists in many forms, and at Compass, we are shaping its future. We offer families virtual learning opportunities at a first-class educational institution that is an alternative to the traditional school building, school day, and school setting. We believe that The Compass School can offer more benefits to students: more options in course offerings, more freedom in daily schedule and living, more personalized attention to individual needs, and more flexibility for parents and students to find their own academic path to success.”

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Student Outcomes

At Compass, we aim to develop:


Students who will think creatively and be adept problem solvers.


Students who will be globally minded thinkers, well-positioned to become leaders within the world community.


Students who will be practitioners of 21st century collaborative skills—working with peers and teachers from around the world to achieve academic and career goals.


Students that can see new opportunities that will emerge, hone their skills to meet the challenges of an everchanging academic and professional world, and when the time is right, be able to seize upon opportunities open to them.

Core Values

Our core values are embedded in everything we do at Compass:


We believe that the world is a mixture of varying perspectives—on life and living, on business and culture, on thinking and thought—and our aim is to cast the widest net possible for our students to embrace a broad range of ideas, thoughts, and points of view.


A fast-paced, quickly changing global environment means that our students must be equipped to see the changes coming and have the willingness and know-how to adjust to those changes.


Success and accomplishment are often not achieved on the first try. That’s why we strive to instill resilience in our students when faced with adversity. So if at first, they may fail, they will have the wherewithal to re-evaluate their plan, make adjustments, and try again.


Passion in life creates fulfillment, enjoyment, and is a key ingredient to success. We want our students to be motivated by their passions and achieve success at the highest level, whatever that may be for each of them.


It is our belief that in life, nothing is achieved without sincerity and honesty in every endeavor. We promote academic and personal integrity at its highest value to produce ethically sound students who are prepared to lead the world in a positive direction.

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