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High School Program Overview

One of the unique features of the Compass Academic Program is the freedom with which students may approach traditional grade level work. Our program has a set of required courses that are recommended per the course of study in the California state curriculum—for primary, middle, and high school—pursuant to a High School diploma and for college preparation. But at Compass, we see schooling a little differently. Though it is the case that all students need to have explored the traditional core subject courses, we believe it is important for them to also begin exploring all sorts of interests. Thus, our middle and high school programs include “passion pathways” that allow students latitude to think about areas of study that might be associated with possible career pathways.

High School Course Requirements

English: 4 Credits 

Mathematics: 4 Credits 

Social Studies: 3 Credits 

Science: 3 Credits

Physical Education: 1 Credit 

Health & Wellness: 1 Credit 

World Language: 1 Credit 

Fine Arts: 1 Credit 

Electives: 6 Credits 


There are two components to the curriculum at Compass, core curriculum and passion courses. The core curriculum consists of traditional courses like English, math, social studies, science, and physical education. These courses are required to be taken each year by every student. The passion courses give students the flexibility to choose topics they are interested in! These courses are important because they not only let students develop their passion, but also they create a pathway through their secondary education, university degree, and career.

Core Curriculum Overview

Below is a brief overview of the core subjects for high school. To view a full course catalogue, please navigate to the High School Course Catalogue in the Academics menu.


Building upon the foundations established in middle school, the English Language Arts program strengthens students’ reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary, and analytical skills. By engaging with content-rich and socially relevant curriculum, students practice close reading, citing textual evidence, and synthesizing ideas across texts. Data-driven instruction integrates vocabulary and grammar within writing lessons, and students grow through peer review and self-reflection. The program promotes digital literacy and engages students through authentic, real-world experiences.



The Compass School’s High School Social Studies program uses an inquiry-based approach to help students develop the critical-thinking skills necessary for navigating our ever-changing world. With courses in World History, US History, US Government, and Economics, this program utilizes an arc of inquiry, application, reflection, and communication. Document-based investigations require students to analyze historical documents and cite textual evidence in writing performance tasks. Through collaborative discussions, students will graduate the program well-equipped to engage with the global community as socially-conscious and responsible individuals.


Students are challenged with adaptive learning and rigorous instruction through the High School mathematics program. With courses in Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2, the program supports students in becoming problem-solvers equipped to apply mathematical principles and concepts to real-world situations. The program encourages students to engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate as they move through each new math procedure, providing them with the skills necessary to succeed in college, their careers, and beyond.


The Compass School’s High School Science program integrates engineering throughout four year-long courses on Biology, Earth and Space Science, Chemistry, and Physics. Student learning of scientific inquiry and application is scaffolded through an emphasis on claims, evidence, and reasoning, as well as phenomena and discrepant events. Students are not only prepared for success on state assessments, but are taught to be analytical, critical thinkers ever curious about the world around them.

Passion Courses

Passion courses are taken each year in addition to the core curriculum. These courses give students the freedom to choose what they want to learn about while looking ahead to their future education & career pathway.

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Grading Standards

For computing grade point average (GPA), letter grades will follow these point values:

High School Sample Schedule

Our Compass Academic Program blends face-to-face instruction with structured independent work. Students have 50 minutes of live instruction in each of their core subjects three times per week and each of their elective subjects twice a week. Each class meets in a 1-on-1 teacher/student format so every course is customized around each student's learning needs. High school students are expected to complete assignments and homework independently in addition to their live instruction, and have constant access to their teachers via the school’s messaging system and during weekly office hours.

High School: Grades 9-12

Format: 1-on-1

2023-2024 Compass School Branded Calendar-for High School Grade 9-12.png

School Calendar 2023-2024

Unique Programs Offered at The Compass School

Virtual Labs

The Compass School incorporates multiple cutting-edge virtual learning applications in our curriculum. In particular, the school stresses its attention on providing students with access to high-quality virtual labs for our science courses. This helps Compass students to explore scientific concepts, apply and test their theoretical knowledge in a variety of subjects such as physics, biology, chemistry, earth science, and more. The virtual labs at Compass use the techniques of gamification and storytelling to make the learning process engaging and immersive. The software used by the school is one of the top solutions widely used in both K12 and higher education, which will familiarize students with effective laboratory experience.

Below are some examples of experiments students perform.

Absorption in the Small and Large Intestines: Journey from the stomach to the bloodstream

In this simulation, students step into the Anatomy and Physiology lab to discover how essential intestines are in maintaining human life. Investigate what happens if a person's intestines malfunction and learn why eating veggies is very important!

Acids and Bases (Principles): Avoid falling in a lake of acid!

In a futuristic lab, students will get help from a robot assistant to determine the acidity of a lake of acid found on an exoplanet. Learn how to quantify the acidity and alkalinity of substances.

Antibodies: Why are some blood types incompatible?

Learn about the concepts of antibodies and antigens, as well as the ABO and Rhesus blood grouping systems and their importance in blood transfusions. Then, help a young couple determine a potential risk for Rhesus disease in their unborn child.

Arts, Music, Dance & Theatre

At Compass, we firmly believe that the arts are an integral and fundamental aspect of every student's comprehensive learning process. Our students have the opportunity to study what they truly love or discover a new passion from wherever they are! Our unique approach goes well beyond music or art appreciation; our teachers are not only outstanding educators, they are performers, musicians, actors, artists, and dancers in their own right. They know what it takes to be a true artist and will bring that passion to every minute of every class. Our interactive lessons utilize industry-level technology and practices that will ensure every learner is prepared to meet the challenges of art, music, drama, dance, and the fashion world!

Health, PE, & Athletics

At The Compass School, we support our students’ physical health even when they are learning remotely! We have a robust curriculum that combines theory and practice for physical education & athletics. Students have the opportunity to learn with experienced teachers and coaches that will help improve their athletic abilities and techniques while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Through a combination of online coaching and locally scheduled practice, we offer a full comprehensive program. 

Clubs and Extracurriculars

A key component to a student’s well-rounded education is what they choose to do outside of the classroom. At Compass, we offer a wide range of clubs and extracurricular activities to allow students to pursue what they are passionate about while socializing with others. For more details about clubs available, please contact a school representative. 

Some Examples of Our Clubs & Extracurricular Programs:


If you don’t see your club or program here, just ask!

Book Club

Drama Club

Math Club

Community Service Club

Finance Club

Music Club

Dance Club

Foreign Film Club

Photography Club

Family Wellness Program

Student & Family Wellness is one of our primary goals at The Compass School. Throughout a student’s education journey, both them and their families need to develop positive forms of communication to maintain a healthy relationship. We have a comprehensive program that utilizes both new and existing techniques to promote student and family wellness. No matter the issue or topic, our counselors’ doors are always open! Take advantage of our sessions for a check-in or attend sessions on a regular basis.

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