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Primary School Program Overview

One of the unique features of the Compass Academic Program is the freedom with which students may approach traditional grade-level work. Our program has a set of required courses that are recommended per the course of study in the California state curriculum—for primary, middle, and high school—pursuant to a High School diploma and for college preparation. But at Compass, we see schooling a little differently. Though it is the case that all students need to have explored the traditional core subject courses, we believe it is important for them to also begin exploring all sorts of interests. Thus, our middle and high school programs include “passion pathways” that allow students latitude to think about areas of study that might be associated with possible career pathways.

Primary School Course Requirements

English Language Arts: 5 Credits

Mathematics: 5 Credits

Science: 5 Credits

Social Studies: 5 Credits

Physical & Health Education: 5 Credits

Art: 5 Credits


There are two components to the curriculum at Compass, core curriculum and passion courses. The core curriculum consists of traditional courses like English, math, social studies, science, and physical education. These courses are required to be taken each year by every student. The passion courses give students the flexibility to choose topics they are interested in! These courses are important because they not only let students develop their passion, but also they create a pathway through their secondary education, university degree, and career.

Core Curriculum Overview

Below is a brief overview of the core subjects for Primary School, if you would like to see a full course catalogue, navigate to the Primary School Course Catalogue in the Academics drop down menu.


Through the school’s primary English Language Arts program, students build a strong foundation in reading, writing, listening, speaking, language development, phonics, and word study across all six grade levels. Engaging, authentic literature spanning fiction, nonfiction, and multi-genre text sets allows students to develop their foundational reading skills. Research-based writing strategies integrate teaching grammar within writing lessons to best support students’ language development. Lastly, an overarching focus on social-emotional learning helps students to build confidence as they become lifelong readers and writers.



The primary social studies program supports student literacy by integrating nonfiction texts with robust discussion. Through the social studies program, students develop the critical-thinking and analytical skills necessary to engage with their global community as open-minded learners. With inquiry-based learning pathways and interactive, hands-on activities, grade-level content is delivered in a method that empowers and engages students.


Using a Growth Mindset, the primary mathematics program builds students’ love of mathematics by introducing academic vocabulary, foundational skills, conceptual understanding, and procedural fluency. Students are engaged through independent choice, STEM connections, and authentic learning activities, while also learning perseverance in problem solving and resilience in their social-emotional learning. The program reinforces the importance of effort and supports students in building critical-thinking skills they can apply both in and outside the classroom.


By focusing on reading, writing, and listening skills, The Compass School’s primary science program embeds engaging, real-world examples and reading strategies to guide students through investigating science phenomena. Grade-level appropriate content supports students in analyzing details, making inferences, constructing explanations, and building connections. Hands-on activities engage students, support collaborative learning, and strengthen a positive classroom climate. Through this program, students will learn to think like a scientist!

Passion Courses

Passion courses are taken each year in addition to the core curriculum. These courses give students the freedom to choose what they want to learn about while looking ahead to their future education & career pathway.

New color passion courses.png

Grading Standards

For computing grade point average (GPA), letter grades will follow these point values:

Primary School Sample Schedule

Our Compass Academic Program blends face-to-face instruction with structured independent work. Students have live instruction in each of their core subjects and electives twice per week, with class lengths varying by grade level. Each class meets in a 1-on-1 teacher/student format so every course is customized around each student's learning needs. Students in grades K-3 attend 30-minute classes while students in grades 4 and 5 take 40-minute classes. Primary school teachers provide weekly Office Hours where students can receive extra academic assistance or social-emotional support.

Primary School: Grades K-3

Format: 1-on-1

2023-2024 Compass School Branded Calendar-for Primary School Grade K-3.png

Primary School: Grades 4, 5

Format: 1-on-1

2023-2024 Compass School Branded Calendar-Primary School Grade 4, 5.png

School Calendar 2023-2024

Unique Programs Offered at The Compass School

Arts, Music, Dance & Theatre

At Compass, we firmly believe that the arts are an integral and fundamental aspect of every student's comprehensive learning process. Our students have the opportunity to study what they truly love or discover a new passion from wherever they are! Our unique approach goes well beyond music or art appreciation; our teachers are not only outstanding educators, they are performers, musicians, actors, artists, and dancers in their own right. They know what it takes to be a true artist and will bring that passion to every minute of every class. Our interactive lessons utilize industry-level technology and practices that will ensure every learner is prepared to meet the challenges of art, music, drama, dance, and the fashion world!

Health, PE, & Athletics

At The Compass School, we support our students’ physical health even when they are learning remotely! We have a robust curriculum that combines theory and practice for physical education & athletics. Students have the opportunity to learn with experienced teachers and coaches that will help improve their athletic abilities and techniques while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Through a combination of online coaching and locally scheduled practice, we offer a full comprehensive program. 

Clubs and Extracurriculars

A key component to a student’s well-rounded education is what they choose to do outside of the classroom. At Compass, we offer a wide range of clubs and extracurricular activities to allow students to pursue what they are passionate about while socializing with others. For more details about clubs available, please contact a school representative. 

Some Examples of Our Clubs & Extracurricular Programs:


If you don’t see your club or program here, just ask!

Book Club

Drama Club

Math Club

Community Service Club

Finance Club

Music Club

Dance Club

Foreign Film Club

Photography Club

Family Wellness Program

Student & Family Wellness is one of our primary goals at The Compass School. Throughout a student’s education journey, both them and their families need to develop positive forms of communication to maintain a healthy relationship. We have a comprehensive program that utilizes both new and existing techniques to promote student and family wellness. No matter the issue or topic, our counselors’ doors are always open! Take advantage of our sessions for a check-in or attend sessions on a regular basis.

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