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Live Online Classes

Here is a short video that provides an overview of the benefits of live classes:

All of our classes are 100% live

One-on-One Classes

Our Compass Academic Program blends face-to-face instruction with structured independent work. Students have live instruction for each of their core subjects three times per week and twice per week for their elective courses. Each class meets in a 1-on-1 teacher/student format so every course is customized around each student's learning needs. Students in grades K-3 attend 30-minute classes, students in grades 4-8 attend 40-minute classes, and students in grades 9-12 attend 50-minute classes. Students are expected to complete homework and assignments independently in addition to their live instruction, and have constant access to their teachers via the school’s messaging system. The school has weekly Office Hours scheduled where students can receive extra academic assistance or social-emotional support.

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