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Middle School Program Overview

One of the unique features of the Compass Academic Program is the freedom with which students may approach traditional grade level work. Our program has a set of required courses that are recommended per the course of study in the California state curriculum—for primary, middle, and high school—pursuant to a High School diploma and for college preparation. But at Compass, we see schooling a little differently. Though it is the case that all students need to have explored the traditional core subject courses, we believe it is important for them to also begin exploring all sorts of interests. Thus, our middle and high school programs include “passion pathways” that allow students latitude to think about areas of study that might be associated with possible career pathways.

Middle School Course Requirements

English Language Arts: 3 Credits

Mathematics: 3 Credits

Science: 3 Credits

Social Studies: 3 Credits

Physical & Health Education: 3 Credits

Art: 3 Credits

Core Curriculum Overview

Below is a brief overview of the core subjects for Middle School, if you would like to see a full course catalogue, navigate to the Middle School Course Catalogue in the Academics drop down menu.

Middle School Sample Schedule

Our Compass Academic Program blends face-to-face instruction with structured independent work. Students have live instruction in each of their core subjects and electives twice per week, with class lengths varying by grade level. Each class meets in a 1-on-1 teacher/student format so every course is customized around each student's learning needs. Students in grades 6-8 attend 40-minute classes. Middle school teachers provide weekly Office Hours where students can receive extra academic assistance or social-emotional support.

Middle School: Grades 6-8

Format: 1-on-1

Sample Class Schedule

2023-2024 Compass School Branded Calendar-for Middle School Grade 6-8.png
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