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World History

World History

High School

Social Studies

Course Description:

Students study major turning points that shaped the modern world, from the late eighteenth century through the present, including the cause and course of the two world wars. They trace the rise of democratic ideas and develop an understanding of the historical roots of current world issues, especially as they pertain to international relations. They extrapolate from the American experience that democratic ideals are often achieved at a high price, remain vulnerable, and are not practiced everywhere in the world. Students develop an understanding of current world issues and relate them to their historical, geographic, political, economic, and cultural contexts. Students consider multiple accounts of events in order to understand international relations from a variety of perspectives.

Semester 1

Module: Prologue: The Rise of Democratic Ideas
Module: Enlightenment and Revolution
Module: The French Revolution and Napoleon
Module: Revolutions Sweep the West
Module: The Industrial Revolution
Module: An Age of Democracy and Progress
Module: The Age of Imperialism

Semester 2

Note: if the following section is blank the course is 1 semester long

Module: Transformations Around the Globe
Module: World War I
Module: Revolution and Nationalism
Module: Depression and Crisis
Module: World War II
Module: Cold War Conflicts
Module: The Colonies Become New Nations
Module: Struggles for Democracy
Module: Global Interdependence

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